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What is Aloft?

Aloft is the brand of our condos pioneered by StreetSide Developments in Edmonton, Alberta. Hallmarks of the Aloft concept include streamlined open concept floor plans with functional storage & instagram worthy kitchens. We encourage personalization in these spaces and have some very forward thinking interior options to allow for each customer to make their mark. 
Who builds Aloft condos?

StreetSide Developments is the Edmonton developer building Aloft condos. As a part of QUALICO®, StreetSide is backed by a wealth of industry insight and over 65 years of residential building experience. 

StreetSide Developments has counterparts across Western Canada in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Calgary, each designing and building unique multifamily homes with their customers’ lifestyles in mind.  Aloft is a concept designed specifically for Edmonton, built with Edmontonian’s lifestyles in mind.

What do condo fees cover? What am I responsible for outside of my condo fees?

Condo fees vary based on the size of the unit and amenities available to each community. These fees cover condo insurance, garbage removal, maintenance and repairs (i.e. ground maintenance, snow removal, mechanical maintenance, common area cleaning, fire and safety maintenance and inspections), and utilities such as heating, water and sewage for your unit and common areas, as well as power for common areas. 

Outside of your condo fees, a homeowner would be responsible for their power, telephone/cable/internet package, yearly property taxes & contents insurance.  

Is there a condo board? Who is it?

Qualico is the interim condo board for each community until the Owner Board is formed. Crossroads of Rutherford is turned over to an Owner Board, meanwhile Aloft Skyview & Aloft Tamarack are currently run by an interim condo board. 

Who will select the interior colours for my home?

Our design experts have pre-selected interior colours to maximize on style and value for most of our current condos. Aloft Tamarack & Crossroads of Rutherford offer 4 different colour board options with a chance to personalize some of these details with our interior selection options such as feature walls. These colour boards are meticulously selected based on customer selections and feedback to ensure we are building what you're already asking for!

Aloft Skyview still has some suites that offer homeowners a chance to entirely customize the home with a complimentary design consultation experience at our award winning design centre. 

Are pets allowed? Are there any restrictions?

All of our buildings are pet friendly. We do not impose any size, number or breed restrictions. The number of pets, however, would still have to comply with the City of Edmonton bylaws. Your condo bylaws will review this further, but essentially they ask that owners are responsible for their pet by picking up after them & ensuring they are not running at large. 

Where can I tour Aloft show homes in Edmonton?
Our Aloft condo show homes are now open in three communities in the Edmonton area. You can check out all of our locations here

Is parking included? Can I have more than 1 stall? Where do visitors park?

Parking will vary between each community, however each unit will include either an exterior parking stall or an underground parking stall.  Each development also features ample visitor parking and often you are able to purchase an additional exterior parking stall. For any overnight guests, they will need to be registered with the condo board to ensure they do not exceed the maximum visitor parking time limit.